Brazilian hair straightening, smoothing in Brussels, Belgium

Brazilian hair straightening, smoothing, blowout treatment in Brussels and Belgium


We practice the Brazilian hair straightening, smoothing, blowout treatment at home, in Brussels and throughout Belgium..

Brazilian straightening without formalin smooths the hair while providing it with care. Indeed, keratin is used in the hair fiber. Brazilian straightening is both a hair straightening technique, but also and above all a treatment to maintain them and revive their shine. The principle of Brazilian blowout is simple: it involves injecting liquid keratin inside the scales of the hair. keratin is a natural protein, contained in each of your hair, which gives it strength and elasticity. The hair fiber is protected from external aggressions by scales. Thus, during keratin smoothing, the scales are opened, then the keratin is injected, and finally the scales are closed using heat smoothing. keratin is a protein naturally contained in the hair fiber. As it deteriorates over time and with styling practices, the principle of Brazilian straightening is to reinject healthy liquid keratin to restore hair health. keratin does not constitute a danger for the hair or for the health, on the contrary. The combined action of keratin and heat results in repaired, strengthened, smoother and easier to comb hair.


What type of hair is suitable for the Brazilian blowout ?

Our Brazilian straightening is suitable for all types of hair including colored hair (for colored hair it is preferable to wait 2 to 3 weeks before between coloring and Brazilian straightening and to carry out a coloring 1 to 2 tone above your usual coloring because the Brazilian smoothing will slightly attenuate the color of the coloring). Coloring after smoothing: you can color after Brazilian straightening, however, some precautions must be taken: first of all, it is preferable to wait a few days between the 2 treatments. The smoothing effect of Brazilian blowout does not have the same effect on everyone, people with Afro-type hair should opt for Japanese or Korean straightening which are straighteners, in order to have a greater smoothing effect.



The duration of a real Brazilian straightening is 6 months or more, if the care given to the hair is respected according to our instructions.

Why us and not the others

We have followed a Brazilian smoothing training in Sao Paulo, Brazil, unlike the majority of other hairdressing professionals who have never followed training dedicated exclusively to this area, therefore they fall in love with this discipline by lauding it. classifying as a subcategory.
Brazilian straightening is an art in its own right, and any art must be mastered to perfection, it is for this reason that the work must be as rigorous and meticulous as possible, namely to work on the hair strand by strand, which takes several hours of work, unlike the majority of other hairdressing professionals who perform the service in less than an hour to achieve a job quickly done poorly.
Each Brazilian straightening product costs us half the price you pay for the service, and it is valid for one and only use, unlike the majority of other hairstyling professionals who use bad products for the same price. range for the sake of economy, in order to make twenty uses with the same product, as much to say that they are not concentrated, others will use either completely unknown products (current practice), or expired (practical common, even in the most prestigious salons), indeed some do not hesitate, and even boast of ordering expired products from scrupulous distributors, in order to have more advantageous prices, and finally, the majority of between them will use a very small amount of product on your hair, as much to tell you that the world of hairdressing is a rotten environment from the inside, even among the elite, since they consider the client to be a layman to tal.
We use a clarifying shampoo before each treatment, unlike the majority of other hairdressing professionals who do not, or who use a simple non-clarifying shampoo, while it is an essential step to have a smoothing that lasts. We take care to wash your hair up to 3 times with this clarifying shampoo in order to perform this treatment perfectly, unlike the majority of other hairdressing professionals who will wash your hair a lot. only once and they won't even give the product time to work on your hair.
We use a pH-regulating treatment unlike the others, to restore the natural pH of the hair and scalp and which thus hydrates the hair.
Our products are suitable for children and pregnant women.
Our Brazilian straightening products contain no formalin and are just as effective, which is a dangerous and cancer-causing chemical, it attacks the hair and dries it out, which can lead to hair loss, cancer, other diseases. like depression, breathing problems, etc. it all depends on individual sensitivity after all.
Our Brazilian smoothing products are Thioglycolic Acid free.
We establish a detailed and personal list of the care to be done for your hair, this list is personal because depending on the type of hair and the type of treatment carried out, specific products must be used, in order to maintain your straightening as long as possible, however, you remain free to follow our advice, we will never urge you to anything and our priority is your satisfaction, we are exempt from any partnership, we do not benefit from any margins and do not receive any commissions on the products that we you of suggested maintenance, since you buy them by your own means wherever you want.
Before, during and after each treatment, we use an air purifier in order to rid the room of all its toxicities and ambient odors, in order to guarantee you the purest air there is, other hairdressing professionals use products mostly chemical, for coloring as well as for smoothing, the ambient air becomes toxic and is stored within the room, which is not healthy for the health.

Our advantages

100% made in Brazil, for Brazilian straightening, we only use original products, made in Brazil, from a reliable brand that invented Brazilian straightening, our products are the best on the current market, quality level and obtained result.
Best value for money, despite our irreproachable know-how we do not inflate our prices in exaggeration, the quality-price ratio that we offer you remains the most accessible compared to the current competition, which offers you a less qualitative service for a higher price. We will refund the difference if you find an expert who does a job as flawless as ours at a lower price, with our know-how your smoothing will last a long time, unlike others, our goal is not to make you a smoothing that fades after 1 month in order to push you to come back to us to waste your money.
100% natural & organic, the composition of our products is the healthiest compared to other products on the current market.
100% Vegan & Cruelty-free, contain no material of animal origin in their formulations and have not been tested on animals.
We are concerned about your health, therefore, we have an air purification device, in order to guarantee you the purest and holy air during the treatment.
10€ discount for each referral.

made in brazil organic cruelty free


Hair length

Price list
  • Short (A) 150€
  • Half-long (B) 180€
  • Long (C) 210€
  • Very long (D) 240€
  • Very very long Quotation


  • Brussels 20€
  • Outside of Brussels From 30€


  • Treatment (depending on hair length) 3h00-4h00


The material used for brushing and straightening your hair is better than that of any professional salon, tested, approved and made in Germany. The hair dryer that we use protects your hair 3 times more by drying it without damaging it. With each blow-dry before straightening, our hair dryer sublimates your hair thanks to its technology that diffuses 2x more ions evenly from root to tip for smooth and shiny hair, without frizz. Our hair straightener will protect your hair from the risk of split ends or breakage, thanks to its exclusive technology, your hair will be five times more resistant.Our smart straightener has ceramic plates infused with almond oil and keratin. Your hair is shiny, smooth and glowing with health.


The sessions are carried out at the home of a professional freelance in Brussels, or at your home anywhere in Belgium, with respect and good humor. For better results than in the salon. I travel a lot and do not have a living room for this reason. I have worked for a long time in salons and I have seen a lot of dishonesty, I prefer to be a free independent in order to depend on any constraint or dubious partnership in order to privilege the quality of the service served to my customers. I have no partnership on the products I use and yet I receive new requests every day, even from large French companies.


Good luck in finding an honest salon that uses high-quality, unexpired products, that doesn't skimp on putting in a good dose of product, that is committed to setting its prices tactfully and moderately, that doesn't shy away from the job. quickly in a hurry, but who takes all his time doing a strand-to-strand job that lasts several hours, which has received dedicated training in straightening, because even the hairdressers of the most luxurious salons have no training in this discipline, and especially who receive you like a king in a good atmosphere without applying the policy of "Pay & Go".


All equipment is cleaned and disinfected rigorously before each treatment.
A surgical mask and hydro-alkolic gel will be at your disposal during the service.