Which treatment to choose: hair smoothing, hair straightening or hair botox?

Choose the Brazilian straightening if you want to have smooth, silky and nourished hair, because it also has a caring effect for your hair.

Choose the Tannin straightening, taninoplasty, enzymotherapy if you want to have the same effect but with a radically more natural treatment.

Choose the French straightening if you want to have a result superior to Brazilian smoothing, smoother and more durable.

Choose the Japanese straightening a.k.a Yuko System if you want to have a radical smoothing effect, Japanese smoothing is a hair straightening process and radically changes the structure of your hair.

Choose the Korean straightening if you want to have a less radical effect than Japanese smoothing, the Korean smoothing is also a hair straightening.

Choose the Hair botox if you especially want to take care of your hair while having a smoothing effect, this smoothing is above all a hair care, and it can (even recommended) be combined with all types of hair straightening, in order to revitalize them in depth after the heavy treatments they have undergone.