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What is Brazilian straightening?

More than just straightening, Brazilian straightening is also a natural treatment that restores shine and strength to damaged hair.

What is French straightening?

What this 100% made in France smoothing promises is shine, hold and that fantastic silky feel.

What is tannin straightening?

Tanninoplasty is a new method of straightening hair without damaging it, using products made with tannins and other natural elements.

What is Japanese straightening?

Japanese smoothing, also called Yuko System, belongs to the category of permanent smoothing.

What is Korean straightening?

Korean straightening is a great solution to no longer have to worry about curling or curling hair.

What is hair botox?

The botox will smooth the hair, it nourishes and repairs in depth. It thus reduces frizz and boosts the color and shine of the hair.

Different types of hair straightening

Discover in this article the different types of hairstyle straightening, their peculiarities and their advantages.