What is tannin straightening, taninoplasty, enzymotherapy?

What is tannin straightening, taninoplasty, enzymotherapy

Tannins: what are they?

These are the polyphenols found in plants, in particular the skin of grapes, oak and chestnut. They are obtained by maceration.

They have long been appreciated in the field of natural medicine and today they are beginning to find a place in the hairdressing world.

They are able to penetrate into the molecules that make up our hair to completely restructure them.

They nourish, hydrate and treat them to give them suppleness, shine, strength and resistance.

They are also the main components of natural straightening products to ensure their effectiveness and long wear.

Taninoplasty, enzymotherapy

Tannin straightening, also called tanninoplasty or enzymotherapy, is a new method of straightening hair without damaging it by using products made from tannins and other natural elements. It looks a bit like Brazilian straighteninghair, but be careful, it's not quite the same.

They do not contain formalin, glyoxilic acid or any other chemical derivative. Their application does not generate any negative impact on the hair.

On the contrary, this technique contributes to the treatment and repair of the most damaged hair thanks to the composition of the products used. The treatments do not envelop the hair fibers as in most cases. The nourishing and moisturizing elements are free to seep deep into the scales.

This type of smoothing is said to be “thermoactive”. The products require heat to start to work, hence the need to finish with a blow-dry or straightening with an iron.

The benefits of smoothing with tannin

Many Internet users confirm that tannin smoothing is much better than Brazilian or Korean treatments. I tell you right away for what reason.

- Thanks to the richness in nourishing and moisturizing elements of the products used, it rebuilds and repairs the hair to more than 70%;
- It grants a successful and lasting straightening while maintaining the good health of the hair;
- It does not contain any trace of chemical and aggressive element so it can be used on all hair types and expect the same splendid results;
- After applying the care, it is just necessary to do a little express smoothing with an iron or brushing to activate the products;
- Even if your hair is usually difficult to straighten, after that you will not need to do it for 6 months;
- Certain components of the products have the ability to regulate the pH of your scalp in order to prevent oily roots and dandruff.

The benefits of taninoplasty

Opting for this innovative technique provides significant benefits whether in terms of health or saving time.

- It does not attack the hair, but treats it;
- It respects the environment;
- She does not dry the hair;
- It is suitable for all hair types;
- Even people with straight hair can use it for care;
- It does not cause (or very little) allergic reaction.

Source: ohbeaute.com