What is Brazilian smoothing & hair straightening treatment?

Brazilian hair straightening treatment

More than just Brazilian straightening, Brazilian straightening without formalin is also a natural treatment that restores shine and strength to damaged hair. It is very well known since American actresses, to name a few, have been doing without it, and have been for many, many years.

What is a Brazilian smoothing

If we sometimes want straight hair at all costs, Brazilian straightening is, for its part, above all presented as a smoothing but also restorative treatment. It is enriched with smoothing care which is a protein that is naturally found in our hair. Indeed, the latter are made up of 97%. When the hair lacks straightening care, it becomes dull, becomes brittle, in short a disaster for our hair.

Brazilian straightening therefore allows us to deeply nourish our hair by penetrating the smoothing treatment inside the scales of the latter. Of course, it also offers quite satisfactory smoothing, without loss of volume.


The hair regains a shine and a strength that it lacked. They are softer, more flexible, more shiny, the split ends are less visible or even completely absorbed depending on the starting hair. In short, we leave the living room with dream hair.

Since it is above all a treatment that nourishes the hair, Brazilian straightening can be used on absolutely all types of hair, whether thin, thick, wavy, curly, curly or colored, it there is no reason to hesitate.

It is therefore a long-lasting smoothing and that is often why it appeals. Be careful, this doesn't mean that you won't have to straighten your hair at all, but it will keep more shine and you will style your hair much easier.

The Brazilian smoothing, allows to keep a good volume. This is in particular thanks to the smoothing treatment, which nourishes the hair, makes it thicker and more resistant.

Source: commeducoton.fr