What are the different types of hair straightening?

different types of hair straightening

Brazilian straightening

It is one of the most famous straightening, especially for the natural effect it gives to your hair. In Brazilian straightening, we smooth of course, but we also nourish the hair to make it as supple and silky as possible. If you have dreamed of wavy hair falling over your shoulders, then this is the straightening for you.

French straightening

French smoothing is composed of keratin and hyaluronic acid. It is above all a treatment that repairs the hair in depth. This gives hair that is more flexible, soft, shiny and easy to comb. They are more fluid, but do not necessarily become completely stiff. After application, hair should be kept dry for three days to get the most effects. The advantage of this straightening is that it can even be done on very damaged hair. It will even do them the greatest good. However, we advise you to leave an interval between a discoloration and a French smoothing.

Tannin straightening, taninoplasty, enzymotherapy

Tannin straightening or taninoplasty, also called enzymotherapy is a new method of straightening hair without damaging it by using products based on tannins and other natural elements. It looks a bit like Brazilian straightening, but be careful, it's not quite the same. They do not contain formalin, glyoxilic acid or any other chemical derivative. Their application does not generate any negative impact on the hair. On the contrary, this technique contributes to the treatment and repair of the most damaged hair thanks to the composition of the products used. The treatments do not envelop the hair fibers as in most cases. The nourishing and moisturizing elements are free to seep deep into the scales. This type of smoothing is said to be “thermoactive”. The products require heat to start to work, hence the need to finish with a blow-dry or straightening with an iron.

Japanese straightening aka Yuko System

This is the most radical and effective technique. If you've already tried everything but your hair refuses to straighten it the way you want, then Japanese straightening or “Yuko System” is your last chance.

Korean straightening

Korean smoothing can be considered the little brother of Japanese smoothing. It is a henna treatment that transforms the structure of the hair to permanently stiffen it. It is a little less smoothing than its big brother, and the result is therefore a little more natural on certain types of hair.