About us

About us

We were born in Europe. Based in the European capital, Hair Lissage is a company specializing in luxurious straightening that is easy to maintain on a daily basis, for reasonable prices.

We are specialized in hair smoothing and hair straightening, have followed training in France, Brazil, Japan and South Korea.

We believe that this discipline is little mastered by hairdressing professionals and the results that follow are not very conclusive.

Unlike many other professional and even prestigious hairdressing salons, we only use the most original and expensive products to guarantee you an optimal result, yes you will understand that we only do real hair straightening. that endures.

Many hairdressing professionals are simply not specialized in hair straightening and do a lot of disaster, such as: using bad end products, omitting certain essential procedures such as clarifying shampoo before any straightening for reasons of economy , use extremely toxic products such as formalin, apply very little product in order to save more money, do very expeditious treatments, etc.

The products we use are also the least chemical on the market, because we are concerned about your health, but less chemical does not mean less effective since our less chemical products cost us five times as much in order to guarantee you a better result. compared to chemicals.

We guarantee to offer you the best treatment.

We spend the necessary time during the treatment, i.e. 2 to 3 times longer than the time you spent with other hairdressing professionals, because we take the time to apply each step one by one without haste.

We only use original luxury products for each straightening, and we take great care to provide you with the least chemical, unlike other hair salons and other hairdressing professionals, just the investment for the hair straightening product cost us up to 5 times more expensive than the competition, not to mention the fact that we also invest in clarifying shampoos when many do not and use classic shampoos, for example our Brazilian smoothing range of luxury is the least chemical on the current market and the budget that we invest for a single use is around 70 € while the others invest 50-60 € for bad game and toxic products so that it allows them to make 20-25 uses with and on top of that they will save on the product by applying as little product to you as possible.

Unlike the others, we direct you to the smoothing that will satisfy you the most, a sort of free estimate in a way.

After each treatment, we establish a detailed and personal list of your needs in order to ensure the longevity of your straightening as well as to guarantee the good health of your hair.

Our goal is not to encourage you to come to us all the less, but on the contrary to do quality work for you that lasts and lasts.

Because of our expert work, we do not exaggerate our prices in an absurd way and our current prices are much more affordable than the competition for work and a result up to 3 times better.

If you really find a professional hairstylist who has expertise like ours and offers lower prices, then we'll gladly refund the difference.

We are always happy and enthusiastic to welcome new customers and thank our customers.

At Hair Lissage we thank our sponsors as it should be, so for each new customer sent by you, you will receive a 10€ reduction for your next smoothing.!

Always well received.

High-end tea from the Pagès brand, Starbucks coffee or a bottle of Spa water will be served to you during each service.

Our team


Hair straightening specialist


Artist specializing in hair smoothing and hair straightening, he followed a Japanese straightening & Yuko System training in Osaka, Japan, a Korean straightening training in Seoul, South Korea, then specialized in popular hair straightening, like Brazilian smoothing, French smoothing and tannin smoothing (taninoplasty, enzymotherapy), he followed a French smoothing training in Paris, and for Brazilian smoothing and tannin smoothing, he trained in São Paulo, in Brazil.


Expert beautician


This young Russian woman has 15 years of experience under her belt and we have the pleasure of working with her. She followed several trainings in Moscow where she was manager of a salon for many years.


Hairdressing expert


Talented Belgian hairdresser, she won a Belgian hairdressing competition in 2020, she has 17 years of experience in hairdressing, has followed the most prestigious hairdressing training at Olivier Dachkin, Franck Provost, Jean-Louis David, Schwarzkopf and Wella , she opened from her own chain of hairdressing salons located in Brussels.



I give my opinion five months after doing my Brazilian straightening. My straightening is still intact and my hair is beautiful and silky as i like it, thanks to Raphaël for his work! ;-).

I see the difference compared to other experiences i have had, more or less good with other hairdressers, i am amazed at the time he spent for the treatment of my hair, i highly recommend their services.

Came from France for a stay in Belgium, I made an appointment for a French smoothing, the service I received lasted much longer than the one I have in my usual living room in Paris.

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Farah L.
Luna M.
Luna M.


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